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How to Make the Best Vegan Brownies

Making the perfect brownies isn’t as easy as it sounds. Even veterans spend hours and days trying to come up with different recipes better than the previous ones. And more often than not, there would be a mistake here and there.

Either you didn’t mix your baking mixes well with the other ingredients, the brownie is perfect on the outside but didn’t cook well in the middle, or something else, probably worse.  But guess what, it doesn’t always have to be this disappointing if you do everything right. Here is a guide.

Kind of Chocolate Chips to Use

When it comes to chocolate chips, there are many options you use. If you are a vegan, your options may be limited, and it may be hard to find chocolates with no dairy. But you will still find a wide selection from multiple brands.

Just check the ingredients for items you can use and those you can’t. Find your best chocolate bar and beat it to pieces to use on your brownies.

Kind of Cocoa Powder to Use

Again, there are multiple brands you can check out for excellent cocoa powder. Check out unsweetened options if that is what you prefer. Be conscious of the cocoa powder you use, though, as they may give you different results. This may call for a bit of testing and experimenting, but when you finally figure it out, then you are good to go.

How to Cut Your Brownies

If you are making brownies for your guests, you might want to achieve the best, and there are some steps to follow to achieve nicely cut brownies. You want to make sure that your pan is well-aligned with your parchment paper to make it easy to remove.

Once your brownies are baked and ready, you want to let them cool first, for at least 15 minutes before removing them and another 15 to 30 minutes in a cooling rack off the pan. The trick is that the cooler they are, the easier and cleaner it will be to cut them.

The kind of knife you use doesn’t matter as long as you can handle it well. However, a big heavy knife is recommended. Heat it first before cutting your brownies (you can run it through hot water and wipe it fast, then cut). Another trick is to clean the knife after several cuts to get clean and lovely squares.


Everything you need to make your brownies are easily and readily available in your kitchen. The main ingredients include;

  • Non-dairy milk
  • Vanilla extract
  • Sugar
  • Melted vegan butter
  • All-natural cocoa powder
  • Salt
  • Chocolate chips

Preparation is also relatively easy. You might need more than one bowl to mix, measuring cups, tablespoons, a pan, and parchment paper.


Making tasty vegan brownies is all about getting the measurements right. Since it is vegan, it may be hard to find ingredients such as chocolate with no dairy because there are limited options. However, there are still brands that make vegan ingredients you can check out.

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