How to Select Good Pizza

Pizza is a family favorite of all walks of life. The delicious nature of pizza and its popularity among many makes  Wiseguys Pizza in Boise a great choice when planning family dinner. The taste from every slice will satisfy your taste buds, making it hard to go wrong with a fresh hot pizza. Whether it’s a once in a while meal or your favorite food, you need to know how to identify a good pizza. Certain aspects will separate an average pizza from a good one. If you need the best pizza slice, check the following key factors.

The Crust

Always check your pizza border and the crust to tell if it’s good. For your pizza to be crispy, light, and good, it should have more air. If the sides and the curst are heavy and full of dough, this pizza wasn’t leavened well. A good pizza shouldn’t have a burnt crust. If all the ingredients have been cooked at the right temperatures, including the toppings, then your pizza will be an outstanding meal.


Good pizzas will always have perfect ingredient ratios. Whether a combination of cheese and tomato or a mixture of many other toppings, they are essential as they complement the base of your pizza. The dough is the basic component of your pizza. It’s a foundation that holds all other ingredients together. If the dough isn’t right, the toppings cannot hide it. Your pizza won’t taste good in the end. The base and the toppings must complement each other. One mistake many people make is requesting many toppings that steal the pizza taste. To check and enjoy the good taste of a better pizza, have it with fewer toppings. Be careful with places that pile more toppings on- they are likely trying to hide their awful crust.

The Cheese

Overcooked cheese isn’t a good thing. It’s easy to tell when the mozzarella is burnt. Cheese needs proper cooking; if not, it will have a bad taste instantly. Too much grease will taste bad. It’s easy to spot excess grease as the pizza gets covered with orange spots. In such a scenario, it’s evident that the cheese and tomato were not balanced well. It’s also evident that the other ingredients didn’t mix well. Mozzarella should be enough and in the right quantity. It should cover the pizza without mixing with the sauce.

Tomato Colors

Fresh tomatoes have a bright red color. The color shouldn’t change when your order a fresh pizza slice. When tomatoes aren’t fresh and get used in the preparation, they will turn black. The result is several conflicting flavors. Take a keen look at the color of your flavor to know if the ingredients are fresh.

Observe the Area and the Employees

As you buy your pizza, check the surroundings and employees’ conditions. Is the place clean? Check the kitchen and areas around to see if they meet your expectations for a healthy prep area. Are the employees clean and happy? Satisfied employees will make a good pizza and vice versa. Are the ingredients hidden? If the pizza ingredients are not in public view, think twice. A good pizza made correctly will have its ingredients publicly exposed.

Great pizzas get cooked evenly every time. You need to order a good one and enjoy the amazing quality.

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