Things You May Want To Know About Pizza!

Talk of the most-loved food on the go, and a lot of people would say the word “pizza” without blinking an eyelid. There are endless pizzerias out there, and most cafés, restaurants and even small eateries have their own versions of the classic pizza. Endless topping choices, mix of varied flavors, and generous dose of mozzarella cheese – Pizza is comfort food at best!  Restaurants that serve the best pizza and wings in Peoria, AZ often have enough options to keep all foodies happy, and in this post, we are sharing a few more details you need to know about the pizza.

  • While the modern pizza can be traced back to Naples Italy, something like a pizza was made in the ancient times by Greeks. Of course, the new-age pizza is different, but there is evidence that a flatbread with toppings was popular long before “pizza” came into existence.
  • Did you know that about 350 slices of pizzas are consumed every second in the US? In fact, the number of pizzerias in the US is huge, and more than 90% of Americans eat pizza at least once every month. If you are hungry and want to have something that’s essentially a comfort food, you are likely to find pizza store or pizzeria nearby in the US by all means.
  • There are a wide range of pizza varieties and toppings, but nothing beats the pepperoni, which remains among the popular toppings in the world. The next one on the list, according to a survey, is the sausage. The best part is you can always customize your pizza by adding the toppings you like.

  • In the US, October has been dedicated to pizza and is called the pizza month. Most pizzerias will have offers, deals and new variants on the menu, and you could be chomping all the gooey goodness all the time. According to UberEATS, people are more likely to have a pizza on a Saturday night, but we are sure you don’t mind one on a busy Monday lunch.
  • It might also come off as surprising but you get more of pizza with the 18-inch size rather than two 12-inch ones. In terms of popularity, 14-inch pizzas are most popular in the US and is the ideal size for a group of four people, with two slices for each.

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