Few Interesting Ways to Roast Duck that Tastes Really Delicious

Every chef wants to cook palatable dishes for main course. Be it a festival or other occasion roast duck finds its way to be the ruling dish over the dining table.

Earlier, duck was a common food, however due to many reasons it is not cooked often. One of the basic reasons is because novice chefs hesitate to cook juicy roast duck. They search for the best roasted duck recipe from online and other sources.

Here are few simple recipes tried by many experienced chefs worldwide:

  • Roast duck with herbs dressing.

You need to initially preheat the oven around 200 degree. You need to prick the skin of the duck weighing 500gm and apply mixture of salt, paprika and pepper all over it. To make it more spicy and flavourful cut the cavity of duck and stuff thyme or lavender seasoned with salt and lime juice. Place the duck on baking tray keeping the breast side up and roast for twenty minutes. For making the dish more wholesome keep the duck in centre of the cooked veggies.

Tips: You need to roast extra 20 minutes for every 500gms of duck. You can even lower the temperature of the oven after 15 minutes of roasting to make the skin of duck crispier. After roasting cooking for some time, change the duck position like breast side down and again close the oven for roasting. This will help in evenly roasting the duck.

  • Roast duck following Indian traditional way.

If you prefer a little spicy roasted duck complimenting your sweet dessert dish, then Indian recipe will be best to choose. You need to add crushed garlic and ginger along with red chilli powder and salt. The mixture must be rubbed on the whole cleaned duck. You can do partial boiling of duck like keeping it in pressure cooker. After it cools keep the duck on the baking tray after sprinkling lime juice all over. It will be roasted perfectly in moderate temperature and the duck fat will help in evenly roasting making it more tempting to eat. You can stuff bread crumbs mixed with small cubes of potato seasoned with pepper and salt in the duck cavity for added wholesome flavour.

While planning to cook roasted duck, you need to remember that duck must be fresh otherwise it will spoil the taste of the dish. To know more details about the right ways to buy fresh duck from reliable source log on to canardsdulacbrome.com.

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