What Essential Functional Features you Enjoy with Planetary Mixer

When you own a planetary mixer, you would enjoy the machine specifically designed for intensive blending. Rest assured, it has been relatively more intense than that dry blending, high shear mixing, high viscosity batch mixing, and emulsification. If you wonder about the name planetary, the agitation pattern has earned the mixer a unique name. The planetary blades tend to rotate in their direction and line while the mixing bowl spins at the center.

Understanding the functional features of planetary mixer

Find below a few essential functional features of the planetary mixer.

  • Vacuum resistance 

It enables you to operate the materials in a vacuum. 

  • Heating using various mediums

You could heat the kettle body using oil circulation, water, steam, and water. The transmission shaft entails temperature exploration equipment that claims that the material temperature error would be less than +1. You could complete the cooling of the guide plate, inner coil of the jacket, and the bottom jacket.

  • The inner furnishing of the kettle

You could enjoy the inner wall of the kettle furnished by a huge upright lathe. It would be a huge polishing machine would ensure that the material is scraped thoroughly from the inner walls of the kettle when the movable scraper rotates on the planetary frame.

  • The ease of mixing

The twisted frame in the kettle is approximately three to four millimeters apart between the propeller and propeller, barrel wall, and propeller. The twisted frame would be used for mixing the propeller along with rotating together during rotation. It would enable the material to move up, down, and around to achieve the right blend in a significantly short duration.

  • The frequency conversion motor

The frequency conversion motor would be used for the rotation of the blending pulp in the kettle. Various speeds could be chosen according to different viscosity and technology. The measurement system for speed would give the speed directly of various mixing propellers simultaneously.

Benefits of planetary mixer

The benefits would be inclusive of high efficiency. The blending principle would determine the stronger mixing efficiency than ordinary mixers. It caters to you with a wide range of applications. The planetary mixer could be used on several materials having a viscosity of one million pcs along with solid content of less than ninety percent. It could easily replace a majority of mixers available in the market.

Drawbacks of planetary mixer

The planetary mixer has a relatively complex structure. It achieves planetary motion through planetary gear transmission. The structure of the transmission box would be complicated to maintain. It is usually accompanied by noise problems.

The price is relatively higher and the need to be processed precisely regardless of the blade barrel or the transmission box would be another drawback of the mixer.

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