Top 5 Food Items Chefs Never Order At Brunches

Now, who doesn’t like a brunch? In fact, what is there not to like about lying in bed for long, and finally getting up to have some amazing food. Besides, if you are traveling to an entertainment district like Wynwood, a brunch is something you should definitely go for. Also, you will be surprised to see how many restaurants claim to serve the best Brunch in Wynwood.

However, we are here to discuss, what you shouldn’t order at a brunch. The thing is, you can eat anything you want, but as per expert chefs, there are a few food items which should be specifically avoided at brunches. So, let’s see what they are…

Food items chefs never order at brunch

  • Doughnuts – Well, yes don’t be surprised. Doughnuts are certainly a delicious treat, but if you want something satisfying and healthy – they are not the right pick. They are, as per many chefs, the least healthy brunch choice.
  • Scrambled eggs – Well, again, don’t be surprised. The thing is, scrambled eggs are a good pick for brunches, but only if they are cooked well. Usually, restaurants serve dried out eggs, which can not only spoil your mood, but even kill your appetite. So, try to look for something else which is more delicious.

  • French toast – French toast is one of the most ordered items at brunches. However, if they aren’t made well, it is better to satisfy yourself with just a cup of coffee. You see, French toast are good when they are unfailing in terms of quality and flavor. Sadly, not all places in Wynwood serve good French toast like Joey’s Italian Café does.
  • Bacon – Most of the joints in Wynwood serve brunch once or twice a week. Now, if they are serving bacon, you don’t know since how long it has been in their refrigerator. Well, highly recommended to pass this one too. 
  • Steak and eggs – Unless, you are eating at a reputed steak joint, it is a big no to order at brunch. Low end restaurants simply serve the cheapest cut of beef they could get their hands on, instead of a good juicy piece of steak. Nevertheless, if you absolutely want to eat it, make sure to ask what they are serving you, or else simply pass.

So, there you go. Order whatever you want to except the dishes mentioned above. We definitely want you to enjoy your brunch, and thus don’t let some badly cooked food disappoint you.

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