Know How to Eat Crabs Before You Visit A Seafood Restaurant in Tucson

Eating crab legs is complex, but they are quite delicious. If you are sitting in a seafood restaurant in Tucson with your friends who are habituated in consuming crab, then you don’t have to look like an amateur. Just follow few tips that will make you look like a pro.

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The following are few tips that help in consuming crabs as a pro when you visit a seafood restaurant.

Have patience

If you want to eat crab first time, you need to have some patience because eating them is not so easy, particularly consuming crab legs is difficult. If you can create less mess and are less forced, then you can enjoy the taste of the food much more.

Process of eating crabs

Break into 2 pieces – Break crab into 2 halves. You can break most of the varieties with your hand, else you can use a cleaver or knife for tougher ones.

Separate legs – You can separate body and legs easily with a simple twist or pull. If the crab is larger make use of nutcracker to separate them.  If you want to eat legs first, then hold the legs in one hand and use kitchen scissors or cracking tool to open them.

Split the leg shell and take out the meat from the shell with a long fork. If you experience any trouble, you can turn it back and front for the remaining meat inside the shell.

Cracking claws – You can even start eating with the crab body meat, but you have to crack crab claws even though it is smaller in size because the claw will have a thicker shell on it. You can use a lobster cracker or nutcracker to pull the parts.

Whatever the tool is, apply less force and increase it till the shell breaks out. Also, use small fork or chopsticks to take out meat from cracked claw and use pointy pincer for the remaining meat.

Crab is the most popular choice of many people at seafood restaurants. To enjoy the real taste of a crab, choose the best seafood restaurant in Tucson, visit today with your friends, and order a delicious crab dish from the menu without any fear.

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