BBQs 2U – Fire Up Flavour with Kamado Joe

BBQs 2U has a fantastic selection of Kamado Joe ceramic grills. KJ offers an array of models to suit every grilling style and space.

Each model is built with the same commitment to matchless heat retention, efficient fuel consumption, and versatile cooking methods.

KJ Classic

It is a permanent favorite for serious grillers. It has an 18” cooking surface generous enough to sear steaks, smoke ribs, or grill crispy pizzas.

The thick ceramic walls lock in the heat and moisture, ensuring consistent and flavourful results every time.

The Kamado Joe Classic has a versatile 2-tier Divide & Conquer cooking system. it allows you to grill directly over high heat or set indirect zones for smoking.

A built-in thermometer and air-lift hinge make controlling temperature easy. The all-weather cart keeps your grill mobile and ready to use anywhere in your backyard.

KJ Big Joe

KJ Big Joe belongs to the league of ultimate grilling experience. The giant has a whopping 24” diameter cooking space, offering enough room to experiment with elaborate multi-course meals. The Big Joe inherits every exceptional feature of the Classic.

It has a three-tier divide-and-conquer system, which allows you to use multiple cooking zones simultaneously. The removable ash tray makes cleanup easy and quick. The cart with wheel is robust and stable.

KJ Junior

KJ Junior is popular among grilling enthusiasts who live in apartments or have limited space. It is compact yet powerful. This 13.5” grill is ideal for small spaces or tailgating adventures.

It offers excellent heat retention for grilling burgers, steaks, or seafood. The KJ Junior also features a 2-tier cooking grate and a cart with foldable legs for convenient storage.

KJ Joe Jr.

KJ Joe Jr. is the ultimate grab-and-go grill. This charcoal grill is lightweight. Joe Jr. can accompany you in your outdoor adventures like camping or tailgating.

It is compact but delivers impressive heat output and can handle different grilling tasks. For indirect cooking, you can use a heat deflector, which makes it surprisingly versatile for its size.

KJ Kettle BBQs

The Kettle BBQ blends ceramic grill innovation into a kettle BBQ design. The 57 cm Kettle grill features a 2-tier cooking system, allowing you to create different temperature zones.

The SloRoller Hyperbolic insert uses cyclonic airflow technology to control the smoke and heat at smoking temperatures.

KJ Konnected Joe

Konnected Joe echoes the digital era experience along with traditional ceramic-style cooking.

The automatic fire starters allow you to ignite charcoal with a press of a button, the digital control board or KJ app allows you to control the cooking temperature, and the Kontrol Fan takes care of the rest. The Konnected Joe includes all the outstanding features of Classic and Big Joe.

BBQs 2U is your one-stop shop for Kamado Joe BBQ needs. The passionate staff can help you find the ideal KJ grill and accessories to escalate your grilling experience. It is an investment but a worthy one.

Fire up your grilling with a top-of-line ceramic KJ grill from BBQs 2U!

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